covid-19的大学更新| 2020年4月16日

该学院是开放实际上为您提供帮助,而我们的物理位置被关闭。远程学习将继续通过所有的春季和夏季学期。请拜访 欲获得更多信息。

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Design & Decorating Classes

Decorating & Design Classes

Interior Decorating & Design花艺设计寄存器

Interior Decorating & Design


车5601 /长度:11小时
费用:赞助:$ 159;非赞助:$ 179



车5602 /长度:11小时
费用:赞助:$ 159;非赞助:$ 179





Week 1: Explore the use of Line in design. Create your own floral arrangement using flowers, foliage & branches. Week 2: Explore Ikebana — the Art of Japanese 花艺设计. Week 3: Explore the use of Texture in design. Create your own Floral Mosaic design using sand, flowers and other natural elements. Bring floral shears and an apron to each class. Floral material will be provided.

车5577 /长度:10小时
费用:赞助:$ 189个;非赞助:$ 209


Using branches and other natural materials, create a long lasting structure that will hold fresh flowers and be refreshed with more flowers as the spring & summer months progress. Bring floral shears, wire cutters and an apron to class. Other materials will be provided.

车5578 /时间:3小时
费用:赞助:$第75条;非赞助:$ 95

CRN 2666 星期六
上午9点 - 中午 马普尔
在冒险 花艺设计II

Week 1: Explore the effect of color in design. Create your own floral arrangement while learning to apply Color Harmonies. Week 2: Explore the use of foliage in design. Create your own arrangement focusing on various foliages & dried materials. Week 3: Explore flower arranging without using a container. Create your own hand-tied bouquet using fall flowers, foliage and various accents. Bring floral shears and an apron to each class. Floral material provided.

车5581 /长度:10小时
费用:赞助:$ 189个;非赞助:$ 209

CRN 2665 星期六
May 2 & 16
上午9-11 马普尔